Garmin Instinct GPS watches are on sale for up to $60 off on Amazon


TL;DR: Garmin's Instinct line of GPS watches is on sale on Amazon, saving you up to 20% depending on the color variant you choose.

Quick: How much do you think it costs to max out the new Apple Watch Series 5 with all available upgrades and accessories?

If you guessed "$1,749," please come collect your prize. 

According to Mashable's tech team, that's how much you'll pay for Apple's brand new wearable (out today!) if you add cellular connectivity, a white ceramic case, and a space black stainless steel band to the larger 44mm modelWhew.

Of course, you don't have to add all of those fancy features to the Apple Watch Series 5. (Maybe you do; I don't know you.) But even $399 — the base price of the 40mm model — might be enough to make you clutch your wallet in fear. Read more...

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